Christie President? fuggedboutit

November 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Would New Jersey Governor Chris Christie be a viable candidate for President in 2016? He might, depending on what he does between now and two years from now when we start the next Presidential election debacle. But asking that question isn’t relevant, at least not now. Within the Republican party, those who have a say in who, what, where and when, say he ain’t got no chance, as they say in Hoboken.

Christie was ticked that Romney didn’t come begging that Christie be his running mate. In fact, Mitt considered Christie along with numerous others, but it never even got to the vetting stage. Romney threw the big man a bone by giving him the keynote. The New Jersey Governor was in no position to turn it down because it would be very obvious that he was pouting, not a good thing for the tough guy running a state filled with enough mafia types to fill half a dozen MetLife Stadiums.

So Christie did his keynote – about himself. That got a lot of important Republicans to wondering about their future wonder boy. But Chris stumped for Mitt, so maybe there wasn’t a problem after all. But then, in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, Christie did a love-in with Godfather Obama and kissed both his cheeks, if you catch my meaning here. How about just, “thank you, Mr. President, I’m sure everyone in the state appreciates that you will expedite aid to help us rebuild”. Instead, he did everything but hump the President’s leg. Sure the state needed aid and sure Obama is an arrogant egomaniac who needs constant love to get through his day, but Christie didn’t have to drop his pants.

Christie was all ‘golly-gee I got to ride on Obama’s helicopter’. Wowee.

To anyone who is so naive to think that Christie’s performance didn’t cost Romney some votes, I am offering some New Jersey beach front property that has just come on the market. Didn’t use to be beachfront and hopefully it won’t stay that way for long.

Now with thousands of New Jersyites without homes or those who have homes, still without power, what does da big cahoona do? Yucks it up on Saturday Night Live. You can bet that went over big with people who have to burn their furniture to keep warm.

Christie has also shot off his mouth about why Romney lost and accused him essentially of being whiney about losing. Romney, on the other hand, had enough class to not criticize Christie’s hug-in.

Lots of Republicans are not happy with this kind of mouthing off when it comes to talking about the people on your side. It’s akin to, say, a President who denigrates his own nation while on foreign soil. Family members can bitch among themselves, but outside the family, you are all for one.

Right now, Christie is off the contenders list in the Republican establishment. We’ll see if he can redeem himself in the meantime.


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