Democrats for Romney?

April 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

There is a growing sense – totally intangible, elusive and unquantifiable – that maybe, just maybe, some Democrats are getting uneasy with Obama. If you really pay attention, you can pick up the uneasiness in blogs, in private discussions and even in, OMG!, the New York Times.

Now, of course the Times officially is totally in the tank for Obama. That said, there still are little bits and pieces that appear in Obama’s newspaper that suggest just a touch of concern about Obama’s competency, his policies and where he is trying to take the country. Don’t ask for examples, because they are arguable. Either you sense it or you don’t.

Why might this be happening? Well, the obvious answer is that Obama is indeed incompetent, inconsistent, not a leader plus he’s a total failure. In between golf outings, expensive taxpayer paid vacations and lavish White House dinners he only messes things up. He is at war with virtually everyone and everything. He cannot take responsibility for anything that goes wrong, and brother, there is a lot going wrong.

The only thing Obama could put on his resume under ‘accomplishments’, Obamacare, is about to go down the drain. His war with Arizona is going to flame out. His economic policies have proved to be a disaster. His foreign policy, if you can raise his sloppiness to the level of a policy, is incoherent, muddled, inconsistent and dangerous.

Democrats understand how dire circumstances are. Only the hardcore, stubborn or stupid would see things differently. Like Debbie Whats-her-name Schultz, who heads up the DNC. Even she can’t say anything good about Obama. Instead she only talks about how bad Romney and every other Republican is. That’s not how cheerleading is supposed to work. At the end of a really bad game, when your team is down thirty-five points in the fourth quarter, it sounds a little dumb for cheerleaders to be pointing to the other team and yelling ‘they suck’. And at the end of a losing season, the fans and a lot of the players are talking about a new coach.

America is weaker and smaller than it has been since the Carter years. Bush screwed up, for sure. But if he had been president for another four years, he would have turned things around and we would now be back to a robust economy. People would be working.

Now there is a sense that people realize that four more years of what we have now is going to worsen our decline. If you are a Democrat, it might cause you agony to pull the lever for Romney, but in your heart, you’ve got to realize there is no other choice.


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