Gingrich could beat Obama in a walk

November 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

In a poll just released by PPP, Newt Gingrich is now the leading GOP candidate, a  10 percentage points ahead of Mitt Romney and three points ahead of HermanCain.

Will Newt be able to pull this off and could be win against Obama? Despite a recent Real Clear Politics poll average showing Obama leading Gingrich by 11 points , Gingrich could take Obama. Why?

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First, simply because the several other contenders dilute the overall selection of any one candidate. If Gingrich -or anybody else – was the nominee, we would see a dramatically different set of numbers. Second, and related to the first reason, the noise level of all the candidates is diluted. Obama is on one side and eight GOP candidates are on the other. That means only one-eighth of the total messages apply to any one candidate. And third, Gingrich would absolutely demolish Obama in the presidential debates. He’s smarter, quicker and has vastly more experience than Obama.

Once serious campaigning begins for a single Republican going up against Obama, the playing field will be dramatically changed. The other side of the coin, of course, is that the Democrats will be able to concentrate their venom on that candidate. And there will be venom. Our current president is nothing if he isn’t a slime-baller. He was raised on Chicago thuggery style politics and doesn’t care if he has to destroy the reputation of a candidate’s mother to win.

With a billion dollar war chest, Barry will have plenty of weapons to employ. hopefully, the public will start to learn just how low he can go and be turned off by it.

Some poll findings:


Gingrich has jumped 13 points since one month ago, taking them from his two closest rivals. Surprisingly, Gingrich has a whopping 73% favor ability rating among Cain supporters. Among those same supporters, both Romney and Perry are about 40 percentage points lower than Gingrich regarding favor ability.

Cain appears to be losing some ground as a result of the accusations made about him by former employees. Perry is in the single digits and seems destined to stay there despite and much better debate performance on the subject of foreign policy.

A CBS poll shows that most Tea Party support is now going to Gingrich rather than Cain.

All the other candidates are also stuck in the single digits and show little chance for any great improvement barring something dramatic occurring with them or the three leaders.

Other polls confirm PPP’s findings.

New CNN poll shows 11 point drop for Herman Cain in one month; Romney 24%, Gingrich 22, Cain 14, Perry 12

The latest poll from Iowa has Cain 23, Romney 19, Gingrich 15, Paul 11, Perry.


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  • Grazina says:

    No one on this forum likes Gingrich, but I haven’t yet seen a rsoean why (other than Christie’s rsoean that he has never run anything, which is a valid point but I’m not sure that it disqualifies him).What is it about him that disqualifies him from being President? Please be specific. I’m not saying that there is no rsoean, only that if you’re going to say that he’s not a good candidate then at least back it up with something concrete. Don’t just say that he’s bad .

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