Obama may have been source of Cain allegations

November 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Obama has been consistently running neck in neck with Romney in most polls but don’t let that fool you. It is Herman Cain whom the president most fears. There are good reasons for this and many of those reasons are based on the fact that Cain is black.

– Nominating a black man totally destroys the democrat talking point that Republicans are all racists who want to get the black boy out of the White House. This is the subtext underlying every liberal talking head and editorial writer commentary about the upcoming election, just as it was in 2008. A Cain nomination would kill this issue.

– Obama would no longer have a totally free ride with black voters. He certainly would remain strong with those who are looking for a free ride, or to state it more politically correct, those who depend on government assistance. Blacks comprise only 12 percent of the nation, but, according to a recent study, they comprise 37 percent of the welfare rolls. Big government hand-out programs are going to appeal far more to this group, and entitlements and wealth redistribution are what Obama is about. But Cain could drain off a lot of the votes of the black population who believe achieving the American Dream is done through hard work and being responsible citizens.

– Cain is a straight shooter who could take on Obama face to face without any fear of black backlash or charges of racism when Cain goes after the president on issues. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have a tough time convincing voters, as they already have set out to do, that Cain ‘isn’t really a black man’.

– Not related to race is the fact that Cain is a businessman who knows how America works. Obama is clueless about how the economic system works as we have seen. In a head to head debate, Cain would trounce Obama on this issue. While Cain is weak on foreign affairs issues, he also has a better part of a year to strengthen his hand on this.

Even with the allegations against Cain, he is still leading in the Republican polls and shows well in national polls against Obama. And Cain has been gathering steam. This is the best time for Obama to cut Cain down to size or totally eliminate him as a candidate.

The president is good at destroying his adversaries being well versed in slimey Chicago style politics. When the community organizer decided to run for office in 1996, he found a way to invalidate the voting petition signatures of three of his challengers, allowing Obama to run unchallenged.

“That was Chicago politics,” said John Kass, a Chicago Tribune columnist is quoted as saying about Obama. “Knock out your opposition, challenge their petitions, destroy your enemy, right?”

So for Obama to once again try to destroy an enemy is a natural act, And make no mistake about it, anyone who is a threat to him or his far left agenda is an enemy. After all, this is a president with an enemies list that would make Nixon blush: Insurance companies, oil companies, coal companies, S&P, rich people, corporate jet owners, corporate jet manufactures, yacht owners, credit card companies, student loan companies, McDonald’s, FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Koch brothers, the Supreme Court, BiBi Netanyahu, Arizona and Texas. It is very conceivable that Obama would attempt to kill off Cain.

Isn’t the case for accusing Obama of dirty tricks just as compelling and fact-based as the case against Caine? Any woman can accuse any man of sexual misconduct. The woman always gets the benefit of doubt. The more powerful the man, the more potent the accusation. All we really know is that a woman made a complaint and by doing so, she was apparently enriched.

Beyond that, we know a left-wing blog has made that information public, and repeated it in 90 separate ‘news’ stories. That blog, Politico, is staffed by a bunch of former Washington Post employees. Anyone who has not been living under a rock knows that the Post carries the water for Obama, just as it does in general for all Democrats.

Now of course, an intelligent and objective person reading this might conclude it is all speculation and incrimination based on little or no real facts. But isn’t that what is being done to Herman Cain?







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§ 2 Responses to Obama may have been source of Cain allegations

  • WOW !!!! POW !!! Here’s one example of *rich* that is nhtiong more than scammy-ammy UNEARNED WEALTH – the CEO of United Health Care gave himself a 1.8 BILLION $$$$ package in 2005. How much in *taxes* should HE pay? He basically sucked 1.8 BILLION out of medical research and mano-et-mano caregiving – is that HONEST LABOR? How about all the enronistas? They erected a CORPORATION that sucked a river of FIAT money away from modernizing and maintaining the electrical grid across the whole USA…and the examples keep marching along about shell corps DESIGNED to steal! And then add in all the *think tanks*!!!! The question is raised here as to why ECONOMISTS have not significantly raised the question of conflict of interest in TBTF being swollen into monumental bubbles simply to increase the revenue flow to exploit greater claims to proportionate self-serving tribute (which actually is sabotaging real production not stimulating it all in the name of creative wealth ). The measures are always linear profits and the paper mill grows more flammable each moment by historic moment. The complete cycle of cost based upon this value distortion = revenue share is claimed in the name of the shareholders of which these CEO’s are the primary benefactor often with special drawing rights just like entire countries. The true cost is built into more and more exaggerated and rationalized market pricing which is also passed along to the consumer. True damages are = to Externalities and are simply passed along as text book technicalities in framing the business incentives (to be excluded). Social benefits are limited to a very narrow field of measuring big business success (in anthropology we have what are known as big men theories; these guys all are little Cesarean theories for a still born economy! Mobsters always have rationalized their behaviors, but these guys buy political positions and over time make laws that break laws to cover their stealth. The political equivalent to quantitative easing is legislative easing and it is orchestrated by these same characters who take absurd amounts of capital from society in order to compete in usurping power.My compliments, Annie, on your Post:Bruce

  • Hamza says:

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