Obama’s Foreign Policy; where fools stumble in

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President of Iran @ Columbia University.

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Obama Touts Foreign Policy Successes Reads headlines Saturday, October 22, 2011

Obama, of course, is crowing about Gaddaffi’s overthrow, which is good, the Iraq troop withdrawal, which is a questionable decision, and the killing of some terrorists, which is very good. But let’s leave those to discuss later and begin by looking at some much wider issues that directly impact America’s interests and security.

How about Iran? Obama’s idea for a foreign policy strategy was to reach out to president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who has publicly and repeatedly said he would like nothing more than to destroy America, as well as Israel. So Obama reached out his hand, and Ahmadinejad slapped it – hard and repeatedly. Iran has actually sped up its nuclear weapons capability and laughed off Obama’s threats of more sanctions. So what is Obams’s policy now? More sanctions being sought. Duh? How’s that strike you as a foreign policy success?

Senator Obama campaigned on the sophomoric idea that he, being the one who could heal the world and lower the seas, could fix foreign policy issues by simply talking to tyrannical leaders in Iran or reasoning with potential rivals such as Russia and China, as well as with actual enemies who have vowed to kill Americans at every chance.

In the case of the former, Obama caved in badly to Vladimir Putin when he trashed agreements with the Czechs and Poles that would have provided them with missile defenses. Putin walked away with a new START Treaty – a treaty so one-sided in favor of Russia that it would have been an embarrassment to any other President. The Democrat dominated Senate ratified the treaty, of course. Obama got snookered, yet he arrogantly touts this treaty as an accomplishment. Is Putin’s slam-dunk a foreign policy success?

Last year the New York Times spun the START debacle in a news analysis as this: “(Obama) … came away with an arms control treaty that, while modest, sets the stage for better relations.” Well, our better relations are an almost continuous barrage of trash talking by the soon to be next Russian president, Vladimir Putin who now knows how weak Obama is.

Issues with China are no closer to resolution than they were when Obama took office. Currency manipulation by China is unchanged, human rights atrocities remain unchanged and they continue to rip off our intellectual property. Is this a foreign policy success?

In the Mideast, Obama’s bungling and mixed messages have somehow managed to promote disdain from both the Arabs in Palestine and the Jews in Israel. We are probably farther now from a peace accord than in the last sixty years. Is this a foreign policy success?

Over in North Korea, their little tin pot dictator is happily shooting missiles into the sea, blowing away a South Korean ship and spouting off about how they will destroy the U.S. And they keep developing nuclear weapons, while Obama sits on his hands. Is this a foreign policy success?

In Afghanistan, Karzai is making Obama look like a hapless fool. He has threatened to join forces with the Taliban and over the weekend, made the claim that he would back Pakistan if the U.S. went to war with that country. Afghanistan is a country you will recall, that the U.S. has spent billions on in aid and more treasure and human sacrifice in a war to help prop up and save Karzai’s government. How’s that for a foreign policy success?

There are numerous smaller embarrassments for our country as a result of Obama’s incompetence. The utter humiliation of an American president apologizing to France, in France, for American ‘arrogance’ (Obama should talk), his return of the Churchill bust that sat in the Oval office as a loan from Tony Blair following 9/11 which ruffled feathers in Great Britain, or how about giving Tony Blair CD’s as a present – that can’t be played in his country, or bowing to the Chinese Leader Hu and to Japan’s Emperor Akihito?

There are so many small, but significant flubs by this administration that America is laughed at by the rest of the world. Like Secretary Clinton giving Russian Foreign Minister Lavov a ‘reset’ button (which instead of saying ‘reset’ said ‘overloaded’ eliciting derision in Russia), or giving the Queen of England an iPod? Or how about the First Lady putting her hands on the queen of England. Classy, huh?

Yet, here we have Obama bragging about killing bin Laden. The president’s part in this? When presented with the option of going forward after the CIA had found the terrorist leader and developed a plan using Navy Seals to take him out, Obama said yes That is, after sitting on the decision for 12 hours. Ditto the killing of Al-awlaki. That is not foreign policy, that is simply deciding to allow our military and intelligence people to do their jobs.

What about Libya? After weeks of indecision, Obama decided to support the rebels but did so in a way that he could claim success if there was success and back away from it if there was failure. The so-called leading from behind is probably the most pathetic act of foreign intervention that any country’s leader has ever carried out. Bush would have gone in and gotten it over in about two weeks. Instead, the operation which Obama said would take ‘days or weeks not months’, took seven months and cost over a billion dollars.

It’s obvious that Obama is a terrible economic president. Despite his campaign bragging, he is also a dreadful foreign policy president.

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