NY Times: Perry’s campaign, might have, possibly, maybe did, something wrong

October 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

Perry Event 2/1/2010

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Below is an article in the 10/18/11 New York Times online Digest. It is an example of how to attack a political opponent by innuendo, heresay and distortion. I have parsed it out.

Is this a leading headline or am I crazy? Who raised the questions, hmmmm??

In the first two weeks of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign, his aides turned to Brian D. Pardo, a Texas businessman under investigation by federal securities regulators, to use his business jet to fly to campaign events. Perry’s campaign ‘turned to a businessman ‘under investigation’. How did the campaign ‘turn to’ this man? Answer: they used his jet to make some campaign stops and then paid for those flights. That’s it.
The Perry campaign paid Pardo about $21,000 for two days of flights that, according to Flightwise.com, totaled about nine hours in the air.
In an interview, Pardo said he told the campaign to reimburse him whatever federal law required. The Perry campaign “did it very properly,” Pardo said.
But had the campaign rented the same plane, it could have cost up to three times as much, other interviews suggest. That raises the question of whether Perry effectively received an unreported campaign contribution by underpaying for Pardo’s jet. “But had the campaign rented the same plane’ and ‘it could have cost’? What kind of journalism is this? Note ‘other interviews’. Who, and what is their credibility? Also, the comment that this ‘raises a question’ is not explained. Who is raising it? The NY Times person who wrote the story I have to assume.
Asked about the estimate that chartering the whole plane for those flights would have cost up to $60,000 — and not $21,000 — an aide to Perry said, “Maybe it would have cost that much to charter a plane, but for reimbursement, you pay by the seat.”
Campaign-finance experts (what campaign-finance experts?) say the law now generally requires presidential campaigns to pay the “normal and usual charter fare or rental charge” (generally? so what is the law in this situation?) that would have to be paid if the jet were leased from a charter company. NYT

So there you have it. Guilty of campaign fraud through the investigation, prosecution and conviction by a New York Times reporter.


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